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Welcome to my blog. documenting my service as a teacher in Tanzaina. Thank you for joining me in this mission!

Most of the Way Through Orientation

Or, I survived three days in Manhattan.

It's been exhausting at points, and we've had a lot to learn, but I am having a brilliant time. Holy Cross Monastery never ceases to be the most welcoming place, and Manhattan was an incredible rush of people and spirituality. You know a place keeps you on your toes when you don't even find a moment for photographs (but then I do tend to be perfectionist about those).

I have about one month left in the USA before I head out - flights haven't been booked yet but that is coming along very soon. I'm trying to find a good balance between not trying to count the days too closely, while also making the most of that span of time. It's a process.


A TZ Throwback Playlist

Going to Mission Training