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Welcome to my blog. documenting my service as a teacher in Tanzaina. Thank you for joining me in this mission!

First Post from Tanzania!

Greetings from Dodoma!
Apologies for the delay in posting - I did not have proper internet access for much of the last two weeks, so this has been my first chance to load up my blog. Updates should be more regular from here on out.
I've put a good bit of work into recovering from jet lag and settling into my apartment. It's been fun learning to navigate the local markets so I can buy home goods, local fresh produce, and certain pre-processed goods like honey and peanut butter. This has also been a good chance to explore the city of Dodoma itself.
Tomorrow is my first day at work with Canon Andrea Mwaka Secondary School (CAMS). It turns out that, while I primarily interviewed as a prospective biology teacher, I am mostly (if not entirely) teaching chemistry courses for CAMS. From my reads through the material, I feel pretty confident that I should be able to cover secondary-level chemistry education.
Pictures and further information coming soon - I am still figuring out this Squarespace platform.

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